Yrjö Kukkapuro design in an environment open for everyone

Helsinki Central Library Oodi is a meeting place open for everyone, with a sleek design that is also reflected in the furniture selected for the building.

The ALA architects' interior decorators responsible for the interior design of Helsinki Central Library Oodi, Heikki Ruoho and Mette Kahlos, selected the red CNC series chairs from 2011 and A509 rocking chair from 1985 from the Yrjö Kukkapuro collection for Oodi. With Yrjö Kukkapuro furniture, the designers have created into the first floor of the building an architectural and playful atmosphere suitable for the space.

The inspiration for the creation of CNC series by Yrjö Kukkapuro was the desire to introduce artistic expression into serial production furniture without sacrificing ergonomics. Digital “plotting” of wood material minimizes waste, and the tight packaging of the product does not transport excess air. Birch plywood is also durable and ecological. “In the new Helsinki Central Library Oodi CNC chairs are within the reach of everyone. That's great!” rejoices Yrjö Kukkapuro.

The first floor of three-storey Oodi is a relaxed space for work, learning by doing and spending time together. One of the factors providing a good framework for this creativity is the renowned seat ergonomics of Yrjö Kukkapuro. Oodi was opened in December 2018 and up to 2.5 million visitors are expected each year.