Contract and Delivery Terms

Yrjö webshop is managed by Modeo Oy.

1. Quote

The quote for new Modeo furniture is valid for the time specified in the quote. If the time has not been specified, the quote is valid for 30 days from the date of the quote. The quote is valid as a whole. If the quote includes used products, then in respect of those products, the quote is non-binding.
The plans, drawings, pictures, calculations and other documents attached to the quote are the property of Modeo. The customer does not have a right to use them for their own purposes or to the detriment of Modeo or to disclose them to third parties in whole or in part.

2. Order

The customer's order becomes binding when Modeo has confirmed it (excluding online orders). If Modeo has already placed an order for contract products that is binding to Modeo, cancelling the order and annulling the purchase after confirmation of the order is only possible if the customer reimburses Modeo for 50 % of the total value of the purchase, value added tax included.

3. Prices

The prices displayed in the on-line service do not include value-added tax by default. The display selection can be changed from the top menu bar by selecting “Display prices with tax included”. Value-added tax is included in the prices of the offer according to the tax rate in force at the time (value-added tax rate in 2020 is 24 %). Price changes resulting from actions of the state and officials are applied immediately upon the entry into force of the change criterion.
The pricing is based on the Modeo price lists in force on the day of delivery, unless the offer states otherwise.

4. Packaging

Regular transport packaging is included in the prices.

5. Delivery term

The delivery term for goods is ex warehouse unless agreed otherwise. Modeo can insure the goods for the customer and charge the insurance costs.

6. Delivery time

Delivery time is calculated from the date of the contract or a date after that, when all the information required to fulfil the order have been delivered to Modeo. Customer's change requests and additions have to be submitted in writing and their effect on price and delivery time have to be agreed on at the same time.
Delivery time change request has to be submitted at least fourteen (14) working days prior to agreed deadline, or if the delivery time is shorter than fourteen working days, at least the length of delivery time prior to intended delivery date. If the delivery is postponed, due to reasons beyond Modeo's control, for over a week from the agreed delivery date, the storage costs due to the change, 0,5 % of the total price of the purchase including taxes, are charged from the customer.
Delivery week refers to the week on which the goods have been delivered according to the delivery term.

7. Payment term

Payment period is 14 days net from the date of the invoice, unless otherwise stated in the offer. However, if the delivery or invoice is incorrect, it shall be payable on the correct part no later than the due date. In the event of late payment, the default interest shall be in accordance with the Interest Act. Invoicing fee 12.00 €. (VAT 0%)

8. Release and inspection of the goods

The customer shall verify upon delivery that the delivery is according to the contract and the goods are undamaged. If the customer discovers an error in the delivery or the goods, the customer shall submit a complaint to Modeo immediately, no later than 7 days from the delivery. In the case of damage during transport, the complaint shall be included in the transport document.

9. Warranty

If the product has defects in materials or manufacture, it will be repaired or exchanged to an equivalent product. The warranty for office chairs used in normal office conditions is 3-5 years and for other furniture the warranty is 3 years starting from the date of delivery, unless otherwise stated in the offer. The warranty is subject to compliance with the instructions for use and maintenance and appropriate handling and storage of the product. The warranty does not apply to normal wear or fabrics, or in the case of office chairs, the gas-operated spring. Used products have no warranty or exchange or return rights.

10. Ownership right

Ownership right to the delivered goods is transferred to the customer when the full amount payable by the customer has been paid.

11. Installation and carrying service

Installation of the goods is carried out subject to separate agreement. Carrying in the furniture requires that the unloading location is in the immediate vicinity of the reception location. The customer has the responsibility to ensure that the path is free of obstacles during delivery and installation. If the delivery is delayed because of factors due to the customer, Modeo has the right to charge a payment according to the price list in force.
Please note that freight transport (other deliveries than those Modeo makes) is delivered to the ground floor of the building. Freight transport does not include carrying the furniture to the building. The customer is also responsible for the packaging materials.

12. Returns

Return of goods shall not be accepted unless agreed with Modeo beforehand. Goods that are not part of the Modeo standard model and colour range cannot be returned. In products with wood veneer as surface material natural differences in colour tone and pattern may exist between products. These characteristics of natural materials are not manufacturing faults that would justify a refund. Used products have no warranty or exchange or return rights.

13. Right of reference

Unless otherwise agreed with the customer, Modeo has the right to photograph finished works, products and service provided for its own communication purposes.

14. Notification of delay

Modeo and the customer must promptly inform to each other, if there is a risk of delay in delivery or receipt of the goods. If the delivery of goods is delayed because of reasons attributable to the customer, Modeo has the right to charge storage costs from the customer based on the actual storage time. If the delay is due to negligence on part of Modeo, the customer may claim damages for up to 0.5% of the delayed item for each full week after the date of delivery, up to a maximum of 15 weeks. The maximum refund is 10% of the product's purchase price.

15. Consequential damage

Modeo is not responsible to reimbursing consequential damage to the customer due to delay or error in the delivery.

16. Force majeure

If an impediment to fulfilling the contract exists beyond the control of Modeo or if fulfilling the agreement would require sacrifices that are excessive compared to the benefit for the customer, Modeo has the right to extend delivery time until the impediment has expired. If the impediment or disproportionality continues for longer than 90 days after the original delivery date, both parties have the right to terminate the contract, without the other party entitled to claim damages. Modeo shall inform the customer in writing of any impediment and its expiry.

17. Disputes

Disputes arising out of the contract which the parties are unable to settle by mutual negotiations shall be settled in the general district court of the defendant's domicile.
We reserve the right for changes in the product line. Due to technical reasons in print and display, colours may differ from actual colour tones.