Privacy Policy

Yrjö webshop is managed by Modeo Oy.

1. Data controller and data controller’s contact information

Name of register: Modeo customer/marketing register
Company name:  Modeo Oy
Company postal address: Hämeentie 157
Company postal code: 00560
Company city: Helsinki
Company business ID: 2028267-4
Email for register enquiries: [email protected]

2. Contact information for person handling register matters

Name: Modeo customer service
Email: [email protected]
Phone number on weekdays: +358 207 920 270

3. Purpose of processing of personal data

Personal data is collected, processed and used by the Modeo register for the purposes of customer relationship management, delivery of services, maintaining services, direct marketing, distance sales and customer contacts. Additionally, the data can be used for statistical purposes and for developing the services of Modeo register.

4. The registered persons, groups and associated information and information groups

Personal data is collected and processed for the customers in Modeo register, who provide personal data when registering in the internet service, by text message or by other means.

The regular source of data in the register is the information collected from customers themselves. Information is collected from the customers when they register to the service and for the duration of the customer relationship. Personal data can be collected via the Modeo register internet sites and by electronic or non-electronic forms (for example feedback or order forms) and by phone. Also the Population Information System can be used to update personal information and, in addition to the previous one, the Vehicle Information System or other general register to form a marketing target group. The following information on the customers can be recorded: name and birthdate, address, telephone and email information, mobile operator information, mobile phone model information, profession, identifying information such as password (mobile number) and user identifier, end of use of service information and interest in marketing profiling and any prohibitions on direct marketing.

5. Disclosure

Personal information may be disclosed to third parties within the European Union, such as partners in the Modeo register, companies providing services that may be subscribed to by the customer, and authorities. The information may be disclosed for the delivery of goods and services or for the purpose of executing an agreement between the Modeo register and the customer, as well as for direct marketing and distance selling. Personal data will not be disclosed to third parties without the express consent of the registered party, except for the purpose stated above, subject to applicable law.

Statistical service usage information and customer data may be disclosed to third parties in a form that does not identify individual users of the service, or any information regarding personal use of the service, customer information, or personal information.

6. Register security principles

The customer register of the service is maintained in a digitally recorded form by the register controller or an agent authorized by the controller. The information system is protected using appropriate technical protection against external security breaches The register is only used by persons whose job description includes it. The use of the register is monitored by personal user identifiers and passwords.

7. Right of inspection and prohibition

The customer has the right under the Personal Data Act to inspect the information registered on the customer and the right to prohibit the processing and disclosure for direct marketing purposes of information on the customer.

The customer has the right to obtain the information recorded electronically on the customer. The controller shall be entitled to recover reasonable direct costs for the provision of the information if less than one year has elapsed since the last receipt by the customer of the information contained in the register for inspection.

8. Cookies

The website uses cookies for the purpose of developing user experience. A cookie is a text file that is saved on the user’s computer when the user visits the site. It contains information and it is used among other purposes to facilitate the use of the website. The identity of the user cannot be revealed by cookies. If you do not want to use cookies, you can adjust your web browser’s settings so that cookies are not downloaded on your computer. However, this may have an impact on the functionality of the page.

9. Tracking

The site collects usage statistics for Google Analytics service for tracking, development and marketing planning purposes. It is not possible to identify information about an individual user or person from the data collected.

In addition, the site uses demographic and interest information collection (Google Analytics Demographics) to store information about the user, age, gender, and user interests. You can change the settings for collecting this information in your Google Account at

You can disable Google Analytics tracking with the Chrome browser add-on. (